NYC Team
New York City, Hillsong



To the fine people of Hillsong NYC:

Quick update on the Sunday plans...

What some call "venue challenges", we like to call "answered prayer"!!

We have had obstacles from time to time trying to find venues that can adequately seat our church..this weekend that challenge presented itself fantastically! So instead of having more than two locations on one day, which we would have had to do, this weekend we have two morning services at 10/12 at Gramercy Theater and then at night we will have ONE 6PM service at the Salvation Army Hall (120 W14th st)... It will be a fun night, all 3 of our PM services joining together for essentially a massive party...

Next week will be our 5 service regular format, so take advantage of tomorrow night, provide others with an opportunity to feel welcome at our church and there WILL be room for them.. And YOU!

Thank you for your continual grace and understanding as we navigate new ground as a church and respond to our growth.  Constant location changes that can sometimes be detrimental to a new church, have become a STRENGTH for ours. It just adds to the excitement!

See you soon...

Pastor Carl Lentz